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Training Workshops

We hold in-person training workshops and online webinars that teach you how to conduct surveys of insects with your students/visitors, monitor changes in the abundance and type of insects present over time, and report data using our free mobile app and website.

Check back here to see any upcoming offerings, or check out this recording of a previous webinar.

Get Started

To compare insect abundance over time and from one place to another, participants at Caterpillars Count! sites conduct surveys on trees and bushes.

A typical survey site includes 30 or more survey branches, and each one is carefully inspected for arthropods, often on a weekly or bi-weekly basis during the spring and summer.

Check out this 1.5-hour webinar video for a thorough introduction to project logistics.

Two ways to get involved

Start up a new Caterpillars Count! site

  • A great option for environmental educators or teachers, or for dedicated individuals who are interested in carrying out many surveys in their backyard or local habitat patch.
  • Enlist the help of students or visitors to your site to carry out surveys!

Find an existing Caterpillars Count! site near you

  • Great if you would like to try some surveys, but don't want to commit to continued monitoring.
  • If there is no existing site near you, consider asking your local Environmental Education center to start one!

Next Steps

However you get involved, you'll want to:

  1. Make sure you are familiar with the major Orders of arthropods. Review the Arthropod Identification page and try your hand at the online ID quiz and Virtual Survey Game for practice.
  2. Familiarize yourself with our survey protocols
  3. Download the app from iTunes or the PlayStore!
  4. Create an account by clicking here or through the app.
  5. Check out our resources for educators

For more information, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page!